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UK wide Security Guard Service

UK wide Security Guard Service

We pride ourselves on employing, training and increasing the skill sets of the best security operatives in the industry.

We are the No# 1 Security Solutions Company

We provide the highest standards in our Security Services & Training

SP4 Group ltd strives to deliver the first class service, with the best staff in the industry. As such we pay above industry standard.
We may not be able to change the whole of the industry but we can change the standard, in what we do and how we deliver it within our areas of operations.


Looking for Security for Pubs, Events, Functions, Static Site Security during Xmas close down, Retail Security, Residential Security, Covert Security?

All of our staff are trained to the highest possible standard and professional at all times.

Any companies looking to work with SP4 Group Ltd as a reliable and professional security supplier to assist with large security tasks then please tell them to get in touch with us -

SP4 Group LTD - UK Security Solutions

Over 20 years of experience in the industry SP4 Group Ltd can offer you the full package for your event/festival needs. We pride ourselves on employing, training, and increasing the skill sets of the best security operatives in the industry. This ensures we can deliver the best service for our clients.

SP4 Group Ltd is a Company run by Ex Military that Employs Ex Miltary and as a company, we pride ourselves on putting back into the Military Community through Sponsorship and Community engagement.

In order to have the best Staff, you need the best training, here at SP4 Group Ltd we offer a robust and challenging training package that develops the skill sets and operational effectiveness of our staff so as a client you know you are getting the best every time. 

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Want a Job?

We are looking for Smart, diligent, friendly and professional staff who understand the need for having great Customer service skills and the ability to manage conflict effectively and be able to de-escalate potential incidents.
Applicants must demonstrate the ability to fill out logs, and must be methodical when filling in reports on our online and app systems.

Please drop us a message for any more information or if you would like to apply for this role.

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